Why the Insurance Company will Try to Send You to their Direct Repair Shops

March 23, 2017

If you are in an accident, the insurance company paying for the damage to your vehicle is going to encourage you to use their repair shop. However, this is a decision that is entirely up to you –...

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OEM Parts, or Counterfeit? Rise in Counterfeit Components Compromises Auto Safety

July 29, 2016

From faulty air bags to counterfeit safety belts, it's been reported recently that more and more auto parts are counterfeit - and that almost all of these "fakes" are coming from China....

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Kansas City Auto Body Shop Offers Tips on How NOT to Treat Your Car

July 21, 2016

Vehicles are a sizeable investment today, regardless of the make/model of your car, truck, or SUV. You maintain your home and take care of it, so why wouldn't you treat your car with the same...

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Is Your Car Ready for the Kansas City Heat?

July 12, 2016

Temperatures are soaring into the 90's in the Kansas City area, and chances are it will only get hotter. While you may not have given it any thought, you can actually prepare your vehicle...

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Are OEM Parts Used by Your Kansas City Collision Repair Specialist?

March 25, 2016

Many people involved in a collision aren't sure if OEM parts, aftermarket parts, or even used (LKQ) parts are used in repairing their vehicles following a collision. All you really know is...

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Deer Collision Auto Body Damage & Repair

September 11, 2015

Deer season is coming up soon, and the coming weeks and months will become more dangerous for drivers as deer begin to move. As concerned Kansas City auto body repair professionals, we want to help...

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Safe Driving Tips for Wet Weather Conditions

August 25, 2015

September is known to be a fairly rainy season in Kansas City, which means slick roads, decreased visibility, and an increased risk of becoming involved in an accident. In fact, according to...

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KC Auto Body Professionals 'Bust' Collision Repair Myths

August 18, 2015

At Prestige Auto KC, we know there are lots of myths out there regarding collision repair. Certainly there are plenty of "shade tree" mechanics or friends and buddies who claim they can do the work....

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Collision Repair in Kansas City | Car Accident Checklist

July 15, 2015

At Prestige Auto KC, we understand that in many car accidents, it can be difficult to determine who is actually responsible - or whether both parties may be at least partially to blame. Hopefully if...

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How to Choose an Overland Park Auto Body Shop

May 13, 2015

Your car has been damaged in a collision, whether it was a one-car accident, or other vehicles were involved. Now comes what can seem to some as a daunting task, searching for an Overland Park auto...

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