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Deer Collision Auto Body Damage & Repair

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Deer season is coming up soon, and the coming weeks and months will become more dangerous for drivers as deer begin to move. As concerned Kansas City auto body repair professionals, we want to help prevent car-deer collisions & accidents and the serious injury or car damage that can result.

Did you know that each year across the U.S. there are approximately one million deer collision accidents involving motor vehicles and deer? This results in vehicle and property damage totaling about $1 billion, and more than 200 fatalities. We have a few tips below to help you avoid an accident with a deer this fall and winter, and ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

Be extra cautious during peak periods of the day. Deer are more likely to move or be seen around roadways at dawn and dusk, the times of day that visibility is most limited for drivers. Mating season typically begins in October, which means an increase in movement as bucks chase does – into the road, or nearly anywhere else. At dawn and dusk, consider using your high beams so that you can see better, and slow down. Pay close attention not only to the road directly in front of you, but the shoulders as well.

Those deer crossing signs are there for a reason! When you see one of these signs, pay close attention. Deer crossing signs are usually posted in areas where there are known deer habitats, and where vehicle/deer accidents occur frequently. There are specific areas where deer populations are high, so heed the signs.

Have common sense in terms of safety precautions. There are things you can do to prevent an accident or at least minimize the damage if an accident does occur. Always wear your seat belt, and if you do encounter a deer, don’t swerve or jerk the wheel in an effort to avoid a collision. Swerving only causes you to lose control of your car, which could result in a serious or even deadly crash.

Be on the lookout for groups of deer. Chances are if you see one, there are more in the vicinity. Deer frequently travel in groups, even in single file. If you’re driving down the road and see a deer on the shoulder or in the road, there may be others close behind that you can’t see. Slow down, keep your eyes on the deer and the area behind it, and never attempt to go around one in the roadway. Wait until the deer move on, as they are often unpredictable and may suddenly bolt if you try to go around.

Do manufactured deer deterrents work? Whistles, reflectors, fences – never rely on products designed to deter deer to protect you, as it isn’t a proven fact that such products are effective. Don’t think that you can open the window and blow a whistle to scare off the deer; you just might find yourself in an accident!

Even when you take every possible precaution, there is no guarantee you will avoid a collision with a deer. Drive slowly, avoid distractions, keep your eyes on the road, and have common sense. If you do become involved in an accident despite all the efforts you make not to collide with a deer, count on Prestige Auto KC for expert auto body repair you can rely on to have your vehicle looking good as new, guaranteed.

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Bruce Wayne

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