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Hail Damage Repair

Car damaged by hail? Get hail damage dent repair by the #1 rated dent repair shop in Kansas City.

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Hail comes in all shapes and sizes. The most popular repair technique is PDR. Paintless dent removal is the art of massaging dents out without have to do conventional repair and paint. Not all hail damage can be repaired this way. The size, amount and location of the dents all are a factor for choosing the correct repair. Hail can not only damage the steel / aluminum body panels, but also glass and moldings.

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When performing paintless dent removal, we DO NOT rely on drilling unsightly holes for access. Our process involves getting complete access from the backside. This involves removing components such as the headliner, door panels, lights etc.

More severe hail damage is repaired with a hybrid technique of PDR and Conventional repair. This process involves traditional body shop repair techniques with color matching and blending. Many times the horizontal panels such as the hoods, trunks & roofs will be replaced with new OEM parts.

Our trained technicians will inspect your vehicle under special colored lights, to see every dent. Hail damage estimates are scheduled, and will usually take approximately 30 minutes depending on severity.

Hail Damage Repair

Get expert dent repair by certified auto body professionals.

After a hail storm passes, many out of town companies try to cash in on the event. This could be a nightmare. These companies advertise free rental and rental car assistance. Well the truth is they are cutting every corner possible to save money. These companies will not be here a few months after the storm. Once a problem arises they will be long gone, onto the next city. Prestige Auto Collision will be a local Kansas City repair center for many years to come.

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