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Why the Insurance Company will Try to Send You to their Direct Repair Shops

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If you are in an accident, the insurance company paying for the damage to your vehicle is going to encourage you to use their repair shop. However, this is a decision that is entirely up to you – regardless of what the insurer may say or do.

Direct Repair Shop Contracts

The majority of insurance companies have repair contracts in place with body shops in your local area. If you choose to use this provider to repair your vehicle, there are certain benefits for the insurance company. For example, if a contract is in place, the insurance company has negotiated lower material rates, labor rates and may even receive parts discounts.

While this may sound good, that’s usually not all there is to it.

Claims representatives for insurance companies are given goals to reach. Generally speaking, companies want to see a minimum of 40 percent of their claims go to the direct repair shop. If you have selected a collision repair or paintless dent repair shop that you prefer, then the claims representative may try to sway you away from this decision. They may make statements to sway your decision such as the shop isn’t on their list and because of this, they can’t handle your claim efficiently. Bold representatives may even make statements such as the company won’t provide a warranty on the repairs unless you use their shop.

Avoid Intimidation

Regardless of the claims made by the insurance company representative, you should not let them intimidate you. A reputable auto body repair shop will provide you with a lifetime warranty, regardless of who pays the bill. Also, shops are systematically interested in handling the claim and repairs in an efficient manner. Shop estimators are usually familiar with the claims process of your insurance company and know the local adjusters. This makes it easy to complete the estimate and repairs process – regardless of the repair shop you choose.

The Choice is Yours

You should remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money.  As a result, they want to reduce the payout and repairs as much as possible. When you use a direct repair shop recommended by the insurer, you are helping them save money. However, they have a legal responsibility to cover the repairs needed, regardless of the shop you choose.

When your are in Kansas City, you should be able to choose the best Kansas City collision repair shop you can find, the same way you would want to find a the best BMW auto repair shop you can find when you need specialized technician for that particular brand.

As a consumer in need of collision repair, it is 100% your choice where to have your vehicle repaired. Do your research for a reputable body shop with good customer reviews. At Prestige Auto Collision our customers and their family comes first. Our repairs are guaranteed to be manufacturer approved. A quality and safe repair is our #1 goal.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

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